Still Working on My Blog

I have had this blog in the works for a couple of months, but it really does not look as good as I would like for it to look. It is not that serious of an endeavor, I like video games, movies, TV shows and girls. That is basically what I am talking about. There are a lot of better sources for the latest game information and that means that you have to think up ways to get people there, even though you are at a competitive disadvantage. There are obviously big web pages which have a few hundred people working for them. They are going to have close relationships with all of the game manufacturers and the makers of hardware like Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo. The obvious thing for me to do is to focus on a limited number of games, or even a single type of game. I am thinking that walkthroughs are the best sort of content. I am going to go through all of my options and consider them all very closely. I am thinking about a sole focus on Role Playing games. That is mostly because you are going to have a very hardcore group of RPG fans. If you can get these types of people on your blog, then the next step would be to get them to stay. So I am going to make the site interactive. A forum is the big concept that I have, that makes a great deal of sense for me. The big thing is that you could get a community of people together and possibly get some of them to contribute content. I obviously can not pay other people to do that, but if they wanted to do it voluntarily that would be a lot better for the site.