I Learned Smartphone Rooting to Get Rid of Carrier Bloatware

I like to learn about technology. Not just the neat things it can do but how it works under the hood. Experimentation is a groundwork for learning electronics. You have to get into the file systems, look at how things are put together, understand operating systems and stuff like that. Knowledge comes over time, but experimenting with electronics such as smartphones could be expensive. That is why I get old phones from friends who upgraded and then downlaod framaroot apk to root them. Once the phones are rooted, I can see and do anything I want. The carrier lockouts no longer apply.

I am confident now in rooting a new phone. Yes, it voids the warranty but getting rid of bloatware makes it worth it to me. If you have a smartphone, you know about bloatware. It is carrier specific software that they force onto the phone. You cannot delete it. If you roll back the upgrades on it, then you keep getting notifications that upgrades are available. So you have to upgrade and maintain software you have zero interest in just because the function to uninstall it has been shut off by your carrier. Not only do you get stuff branded by your carrier, you can get software on your phone from other manufacturers who pay your carrier to force you to download it. I got that with some music software awhile back. I had no choice but to download it.

With a rooted phone you can decide what to delete. Understand that the restore image of how the phone was out of the box resides on a chip inside the phone. So, the basic versions of the bloatware still exist on that chip. If you are good, and if you have the right equipment, you can manipulate what is on the chip. I was just happy being able to delete the bloatware from the regular storage location on the phone.