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5 Things People Hate About Facebook games


1. Endless amount of Windows when opened
In some games a window with nothing else open it is displayed. So far so normal, if it were not after closing the first window, appears another, and another, and another. Especially if a period not walked in the game, when you return you have to play the “fun” game close windows with old news does.

2. Too many icons and promotions
These games are usually simple in approach, so they are introduced slight variations to keep the interest of users. These mini-features, mini-games and mini-quests crowd frequently as icons around the screen (usually on the left, or down) until the game is full of icons everywhere.

3. Selling my life to play
This could be applied to any Facebook application, which is that Facebook privacy policy is no longer effective as they do not give you a choice: or you take it, or leave it. In short, if an application asks you to give your name, photo, networking, friends, e-mail, permission to post on your profile and scripts to your floor, you end up accepting.

4. Begging to friends
It is said that it is better to ask than stealing . In the case of games, it remains true but still, having to beg for help to your friends whenever your virtual character wants blinking, is a nuisance.

5. The use of CPU and memory and extremely slow

This type of flash games are authentic black holes performance. The processor usage soars to the maximum, and memory consumption does not fall short.

If you usually play much, you’d better have a well cooled PC. If a laptop is also your battery will last a breather.