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Top Online Games for Girls


The options to play on the web are increasingly numerous, and one of the fastest growing Categories of which is dedicated to Girls.

Thinking about this topic I leave with some virtual worlds created for them, sophisticated, fun and safe.

Barbie Girls

Created by Mattel does not need much introduction. It is a virtual city in which protgonistas may relate including shopping, participate in games, creating characters all with a section dedicated to parents, helping them to be more confident with the “digital life” of their daughters .


A virtual adventure in which girls can explore the city with personalized teddy bear, participating in games and meeting other users.


Disney’s hand we have this virtual world where girls can create their own fairy and go a forest collecting items and gifts.

Girls can invite others to a chat, decorate your room and participate in group games.


For slightly older players (between 10 and 15 years) is more focused on fashion and interests of adolescents.

You may participate in chats, play and win credits to make purchases.

Bella Sara

Available in Spanish, most content is free, although the game can be expanded via activation of secret codes found in the products of Bella Sara. This is an online game that takes expand worldwide since 2007.


There are more virtual worlds for girls and qilania you can create your own character, chat with other users and always safely. Qilania is an ecological and educational virtual world trying to save the planet through missions and always


5 Things People Hate About Facebook games


1. Endless amount of Windows when opened
In some games a window with nothing else open it is displayed. So far so normal, if it were not after closing the first window, appears another, and another, and another. Especially if a period not walked in the game, when you return you have to play the “fun” game close windows with old news does.

2. Too many icons and promotions
These games are usually simple in approach, so they are introduced slight variations to keep the interest of users. These mini-features, mini-games and mini-quests crowd frequently as icons around the screen (usually on the left, or down) until the game is full of icons everywhere.

3. Selling my life to play
This could be applied to any Facebook application, which is that Facebook privacy policy is no longer effective as they do not give you a choice: or you take it, or leave it. In short, if an application asks you to give your name, photo, networking, friends, e-mail, permission to post on your profile and scripts to your floor, you end up accepting.

4. Begging to friends
It is said that it is better to ask than stealing . In the case of games, it remains true but still, having to beg for help to your friends whenever your virtual character wants blinking, is a nuisance.

5. The use of CPU and memory and extremely slow

This type of flash games are authentic black holes performance. The processor usage soars to the maximum, and memory consumption does not fall short.

If you usually play much, you’d better have a well cooled PC. If a laptop is also your battery will last a breather.


Champions of Regnum Online Game


Champions of Regnum is a free RPG On-Line or medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by NGD Studios (Argentina). To start playing choose a kingdom (which have their unique races) which are: Alsius, icy kingdom, represented by the color blue, Ignis, desert kingdom, represented in red and finally Syrtis, the kingdom of the forest, represented green.

The game is based on World of Warcraft from Blizzard, which is easy to recognize due to the rather similar between interface. The map is extensive and is full of towns and quests. Regnum presents various kinds, such as guerros, Magicians or Archers, each with their respective subclasses or “Professions”. The weapons are available with gold or with Ximerins latter are needed for payments and mounts. Anyway, Champrions of Regnum is designed for gamers Role with both in English and Spanish.

The game is fun for the people who have a taste for better graphics and gameplay and this one has something special and you need few resources, I started to play this game because ate little and I was hooked. It has great versatility and plenty of power and combinations thereof such that a warrior depending on the weapon you use can completely change the way they play, the different classes and subclasses to be one of the few games there you hooked RvR much. The only downside I can put it is the monotony of typical combat MMORPG that is continually pressing numbers with powers in battle.


Most Addictive Online Multiplayer Games


Here are the list of Top 5 Most Addictive Online Multiplayer Games,

DARKORBIT– Change the course of galactic battle and lead your faction to victory
Dark Orbit is a browser game multijugadorque us into the third millennium, where life is not at all like it. Humans are divided and fighting for control of the universe. The land was no longer a place to live normally. In order to continue

Conquest Grepolis- ancient Greek civilization
Have you ever dreamed of governing a city of ancient Greek civilization and turn it into a mighty empire ?, If your answer is yes, Grepolis will certainly be one of your favorite games online reference. InnoGames Grepolis is a hilarious and spectacular multiplayer online game

The West- Live hundreds of adventures in the Wild West.
one of your dreams happens to explore the wild west and live hundreds of adventures like a true gunslinger cold, do not hesitate a moment, pulls your gun and dive into this fun and exciting online game. The West InnoGames is a brutal multiplayer game set

Join the world Gangster- Goodgame Mafia and become a powerful gangster
Goodgame returns to the fray with a new game. This time brings you role play Goodgame Gangster, with everything necessary for you to become a real gangster. If yours are the weapons and the family, this is your chance. Enter a world

Reach Tribal Wars- power and glory in your own medieval empire.
one of your dreams has always been to govern and set your own rules in a world of typically medieval setting, thanks to Tribal Wars of InnoGames developers not only will make your dream come true, but it can also become the envy of the community online universe


Top 5 Online Games

Here are our Top 5 Online Games for this year,


Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty is the military science fiction real-time strategy sequel to the original Starcraft. The game revolves around three species: the Terrans, human exiles from Earth; the Zerg, a super-species of assimilated life forms and the Protoss, a technologically advanced species with vast mental powers.

My opinion: Great very creative and original in using plants against zombies game, but sometimes I also like to use the zombies (is that you can use the zombies in a minigame but I mean to use in the story).

4. GunBlood

My opinion: Good game, I really liked that style old west and also is very bloody, but it is also somewhat exaggerated with you would die shot in real life and it is also impossible to take the head, but just a game so should be xD exaggerated.

Eve Online is a MMORPG set in space in the far future. The game is all connected by one massive server, and pilots control ships through over 7,500 star systems in the ‘universe’.
My opinion: Execelente game play buenisimo not stop playing it, I like all the weapons are displayed think almost all modern weapons of the world (no nuclear bomb xD) very creative editing the character with clothes and perks.

2. DOTA 2
Dota 2 is a battle arena video game consisting of online multiplayer matches, in which two teams of five players attempt to destroy their opponents’ fortified strongholds.
My opinion: A perfect game, good graphics for an online game, great creativity in the use of weapons, character editable.No have nothing more to say


League of Legends (LoL) is a multiplayer online battle arena video game developed and published by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X, inspired by the mod Defense of the Ancients for the video game Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne. It is a free-to-play game, supported by micro-transactions. The game was first announced on October 7, 2008, and released on October 27, 2009. League of Legends was generally well received at release, and has grown in popularity in the years since.

My opinion: PERFECT only play one.