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Best Arcade Games with better resolution and frame rate


For new generation gaming, it seems that console gamers have uploaded their “technical requirements”. Logically, this seems normal considering the technological leap that deliver PS4 and Xbox One, and even more so when the PC while in paragraph framerate (fps rate) is not subject.

Nobody in their right mind would ignore the advantages of a higher rate of frames per second, especially as it has to do with control of the game. However, neither can nor should ignore that there have been other games of similar cut to DriveClub in the past that have proven to be great exponents of the genre, and all at 30 frames per second.

Project Gotham Racing 4 , MotorStorm ( Pacific Rift , Apocalypse ) and Forza Horizon are excellent examples. All 30 frames per second, all games that reach excellence and never feel burdened by not displayed at 60 fps.

It is important to consider the context and game design. The three titles above are not exactly arcade, but rather move in a space halfway between simulation and relaxed driving. For Forza Horizon is the most striking because while not requiring her “sister series” (Forza Motorsport), control remains incredibly accurate and very low latency.

Unlike the case of pure simulators like Gran Turismo or the same Forza Motorsport . The series created by Turn 10 can proudly say that all games are impeccable in terms of performance, which has contributed largely to its success.